What Do We Know About China Investment in Indonesia?

What Do We Know About China Investment in Indonesia
What Do We Know About China Investment in Indonesia

China Investment in Indonesia has been in a quite significant number since 2003. We can see that it has grown significantly since then. In last three year, the number of China Investments has been in very significant number compared to the investment in 2003.

However, during 2013 and 2014, the number of China investment seems to drop after it almost reached $1,600 million. It is a very big investment from China in Indonesia up to today. However, Indonesia still expects that there will be more investments from China companies in Indonesia to help the economic growth boost.

There is more information that we can get about the China Investment in Indonesia as it comes to be the hot news these days. China economy has grown very significantly that makes China is known as one of those countries with strong economic these days.

This is why some countries have been attracted to get the investment from China in adifferent field to support their growth. The same thing applies in Indonesia since the government also expect the support from China in some prospective sector such as infrastructure and smelter. This is why we will find a quite significant number of investment from China in that two sectors.

Although China seems to be one of the countries with strong financial capability, the investment from China is still not the biggest investment in Indonesia. There are two other countries in Asia which are known as the two biggest investors before Chinese.

They are Singapore and Japan. Those two countries have settled their investment in a very significant number compared to China. There might be several factors affect the number of investment in China including the anti-China sentiment. Moreover, China Investment in Indonesia is still a quite new investment in Indonesia in which some companies have no idea about the details of Indonesia investment.